Al Fanar Mall offers a truly unique shopping experience. The mall has a great ambience and is designed to help you lounge at leisure or find what you need very quickly. It is a great place to visit with family and friends and provides wholesome entertainment, shopping and other facilities under one roof.
Al Fanar Mall is centrally located in KLuwait's popular shopping district, Salem Al Mubarak Street, Salmiya.The mall was completed in two phases (Phase 1 in 1997 and Phase 2 in 2002).
Al Fanar Mall has over a hundred high-end outlets, designer shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities including cinemas to cater our patrons.
The mall comprises 12,000sqm of grand architecture, combining elements of traditional and contemporary design, with copious space dedicated to plants and greenery. The mall has four levels: Basement, Ground, Mezzanine and First floor.
Al Fanar Mall maintain its exclusivity by associating with and carrying only the top international and local brands and products.
Accessibility/Special Needs
All areas of the mall (including parking and restrooms) have been designed keeping in mind the special needs of handicapped or diffrently abled people so that they may enjoy the environment without hindrance and minimum dependency on others.
Environmental Commitment
Al Fanar Mall management are committed to preserving the environment and this reflects in the way we maintain the premises, optimize the utilization of resources, and dispose of waste.
Al Fanar Mall has a strict no smoking policy that contributes to a healthy, wholesome atmosphere within the air conditioned evirons. An isolated smoking area is provided, however.
Free Wifi
Al Fanar Mall provides free, secure WiFi access points throughout the mall, with good signal strength and performance, and no limit on usage duration.
Complimentary Concierge Services
Al Fanar Mall offers a unique concierge service for your convenience. You may drop off your purchases with our concierge counters on any of the floors and have them delivered to parking when you are done with shopping.
An ATM is conveniently located near the entrance for situations where you need cash.
Parking & Valet Service
The mall offers multi-level parking capable of accommodating 150 vehicles. Valet parking is also available at the entrance.